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is a penn foster degree worth anything

I am active duty miltary. I love it. Most of their complaints are basically of their own making for not doing due diligence on subjects such as transfer credits, etc... Penn Foster was a clear choice for me when I started looking at programs. Towards the end of my time at Penn Foster I started interning at a local animal rescue. Looking into getting in the Medical Coding & Billing field. Very well rounded program that includes some very demanding skill set practicums. … Enter a world of intrigue and receive a criminal justice degree. Their exams would be 10-20 questions, when you've 4 chapters worth of reading! But to me, I honestly think that the best way to fully be immersed in this type of program is to physically be in a school. I have quite a lot of debt because of past student loans, and thanks to Penn Foster, I will earn this degree, and owe the school no money at the end of it all!! The school has helped me grow. I'm attending a real college in a real building. Yes, the one thing that is indeed anoyying about the school is the praticiums and clinicals. It is so much more affordable, with books included in the quoted price, and they allow me to make monthly payments rather than taking out a loan. Beware of claims of accreditation. I called 2 weeks later because I hadn't gotten it yet, and the person I spoke with said that they couldn't mail it out until I had made a payment (why was I not informed of this 2 weeks ago) So I made the payment and had the request for a transcript re-submitted. Unbiased Online Degree Reviews Since 2006, Ranking: #75 Students that did not research before enrolling are usually the ones angry and leaving negative reviews because they didn't know they had to complete an externship, find a proctor or site location on their own, unable to find an externship site that has all the necessary equipment (i.e. Penn Foster's associate degrees are only accredited in the State of Arizona by the way. It is for-profit and it seems that is all they care about, keeping people enrolled and keeping people paying. Website However, I do not have to see her face, I do not have to talk to her, I just keep from emailing her what I really feel, and put how I really feel in THIS review. I called the following week to see why I still didn't have it. So thank again Penn Foster for giving me hope in moving forward in career … I know it's online, but COME ON! Don't waste your time. The active military spouses enrollment advisors were wonderful and still help me out with questions regarding tuition fees to this day. You wouldn't believe it, but one of those ways is to pay on the WEBSITE, that was SHUT DOWN, because you're no longer a student. 29 of 31 people found the following review helpful. They offer a VERY affordable payment plan, and their prices are a fraction of what some of my friends have paid for other schooling in the same field!! Also, my best friend received her high school diploma from Penn Foster and graduated from University of Maryland. Penn Foster does not even have basic regional accreditation. Look up the information people. Which I think is a good thing. The program is not simple. It has everything I was looking for. I hopefully, you have a different experience. If you ask to specify what rule they claim to have broken, because you can't find a violation after reading the rules, they will not or could not specify. I recommend taking advantage of the resources while you have them It was interesting because he told her he took the online program at Penn Foster. PFC does not care that its credits are worthless, I have asked. About | They do that because they know you have already invested x amount of dollars and you don't want to lose your investement so they get you in the end with detail expenses which they never told you about.....BAD DEAL find another school, 3 of 4 people found the following review helpful. At this point I would be happy with a blank email... anything to show the school still exists. I am in the Vet Tech program and it is wonderful, the Instuctors are very helpful and the classes are fun and challenging. It also just states that you can fax it or mail it, it doesn't exactly state the number or the address, or if we could even e-mail it or who to talk to. Penn Foster College is worthless. I don't even have a Facebook, so that part is really annoying, but I understand the participation part of your grade. The program director can seem a little high strung - but you don't have to deal with her too terribly often, and I just don't pay her any mind. It is true that Dr Sirois WAS very rude to most of the students. Good luck and wish me luck - I'm still not sure I'll ever complete the program with all of the associated challenges. Lots of resources within the student community portals, lots of videos to understand material and lots of support and very responsive instructors. He makes himself very available to students, and it's clear he has such a passion for education in the veterinary field! The only good things I have experienced with PF is a couple of the instructors have recognized my exceptional grades. It is easier for peopel already in the field lookign to complete the degree for state requirements. If you have a question for Student CARE, besides calling and emailing, you can immediately get it answered through Chat. my instructors are great, i usually get my materials in a timely manner and if ever i contact an instructor via e-mail (besides the director), i always get a prompt and helpful reply. Website Penn Foster was my only real option, as many brick and mortar schools do not offer night classes. Penn Foster offers a number of degree programs in addition to their GED/High School programs. Check it out for yourself and make your own opinion. Go to any college and try not paying your tuition in full and see what happens. He is always there on our vet tech facebook page and on the school community to help answer questions or serve as a mentor! i am not unhappy with the school as a whole. I first placed my request over a month ago. When i had graduated they had just became accredited. This program is challenging. That being said do your research; talk to workers in your chosen field and employers and you should be fine. Penn Foster college is the most expensive scam I’ve ever fallen for. 12 of 16 people found the following review helpful. My daughter will go elsewhere and is already a vet assistant. Heck I had a local community college not accept transfer credits from Notre Dame for certain subjects. Internships, have lots od details that are to meet due to technology advances, specifically refering to radiographs nned to be in non-digital format. 5 of 10 people found the following review helpful. However, the college does accept military benefits and has directed its advertising to service members and their families, according to the FTC. For the cost, I will gladly deal with this as a problem. This college in my opinion is for people that want the degree or certificate but don't really care that they won't learn anything. Since when have you ever heard someone say they love everything about their schooling experience? First off they are not regionally accredited so if you want to transfer Penn Foster College (PFC) credits to a real college/university you can not. It is too bad that many of the negative reviews, not all, are knee jerk reactions to problems that, truth be known, are of the author's making. We have received false accusations by the Director (I believe this is the position title-don't want to name names to prevent her embarrassment) and threats of discipline (Pen Foster, Vet Tech school). If you are looking for a program that is self-paced and payment plan friendly, then check out Penn Foster! Due to its online nature, PF is very much a program of "you get out what you put in". The program is complete with everything you would need to know for a job, including studies in accounting software like Peachtree, Quickbooks, and Excel. Which I thought was stupid since it's an online course. If you need someone over your shoulder directing you every step of the way, look somewhere else. 1. The material is tough because the field is tough. The class participation requirements are NOT horrible. Some of them have been delayed by the company to the point of being asked to pay an extension fee. The program can be really ruff. You'd be better off going somewhere else. They created meet-ups so that students can get together and express their thoughts about the school and get to know the staff better. The school was founded in 1890, as International Correspondence Schools and also formerly known as the Center For Degree Studies. I know that because I looked into it since I know a lot about guns. If one wants to hear from current students, join the Student Community and post to the corresponding program space to get more attention and responses. So far I'm in the middle of my first semester and haven't had the need to contact and teachers. I know for some people online school for vet tech is a great fit. For-Profit: Yes I am in my fourth semester of my Associates Degree in Accounting. Also. 10 of 14 people found the following review helpful, Penn Foster school is awesome, I would recommend it to anyone! In 2 years I could be an RVT, or I could still be trying to pay for a brick and mortar school. When I decided to enroll with Penn Foster I was living in Oklahoma and the closet brick and motor school was 3 hours away from me. To be fair, I did receive a couple of decent "real" textbooks that I decided to keep, like a very complete medical dictionary and a great anatomy and physiology reference book. AND THEY ARE out of the 8 schools that offer online Vet tech degree, they are now fully accredited through the AVMA. Oh and don't even TRY to call the administrative office. 10 of 15 people found the following review helpful. For example, Externships and Practicums...some programs have them, some do not. I see several students drop out of their program because they didn't realize what was required of them. I would never recommend this school to anyone. Placed the order AGAIN. All of them are dealing with issues. Students set their own pace for completing certificate or degree programs and can pay tuition in full or in installments, Klapper said. is not affiliated with Penn Foster in any way. In my opinion this is a poorly planned program. Wow... i was so excited when I found this site. Also vet tech programs deal with a lot of students going part time or who have to work. Penn Foster High School responds quickly to information requests through this website. Yet here is the thing. How do they expect someone to pass a major vet exam, that would ultimately fully certify me, and they only ask me 10-20 questions! You will find your posts will be denied without providing a legitimate reason, if you can get one at all. (I just wished I would've found out sooner instead of now being stuck with a huge bill.) Terrible Experience! Schools like Penn Foster College would be OK if they stuck to short courses for entry-level jobs (at a decent price). I guess, in short, I've found all the students and instructors, sans the director (who also teaches later courses), helpful and supportive. If you have no money, no time, a full-time job, give this program a try. They treat their students with disrespect and are rude and unprofessional at every turn. Also there is indeed no help from school finding a place, there is wheree you have to have gumtion to get out there and apply yourself as a professional, and hit the pavement. I am doing Penn Foster. From my understanding Penn-Foster is a reputable school and has been in business for years (started out as a school for miners in 1890 by Thomas J. I like the fact that I can type a question to an instructor and I can hear her response while seeing her screen. It has been one of the most amazing decisions i have made and i couldn't be prouder to call my self a Penn Foster Student! … They say you can major in anything as long as you at least have an associates-60 college credits so you can be hired. First off, I will state that even though people may have some issues with Penn Foster, it is not a scam. This college is EXTREMELY affordable. Country: USA I am a 3rd semester student in the VT program...because my credits don't transfer anywhere else (that I would want to go). 35 of 38 people found the following review helpful. Boy, am I ever thankful for Penn Foster!! Having said all that, the school management is poor at best. Disagree with a question marked wrong on any test? as someone else said, there are some procedural things regarding requirements that are never very clear and when you ask about them, this lady will straight-up crawl down your throat... i have actually received what i consider hateful responses from her regarding questions i had about some of their vaguely represented policies. There are frustrating delays at every turn. They haved started a "community" site which aloows for facebook/mysoace gathering of students and directors, even the president of the school is on there so that really make you feel a lot less "alone". I truly believe that if you are able to motivate yourself to stay on track, Penn Foster is the best online school there is! If my recommendation means anything, after receiving 4 degrees from associates through a masters in established colleges and universities: Don’t waste your time and money with the Pen Foster Vet college. The staff was always pleasent when I called with problems. Here is a list of the largest nationally accredited schools. Answer 1: Penn-Foster College, unlike its high school, is "nationally" accredited, not "regionally" accredited. Penn Foster is an OK path to a vet tech degree if you need flexibility in the schedule and cannot afford a high cost school. I know I am not alone, and this is a means to an end. I emailed back to tell her that I had already read the FAQs many times and they didn't answer my question. Ciao. "Janice University". But read everything (to include these reviews) and ask questions before you sign up. Can you fail in this program? The webinars can be really good, very informative. If that doesn't excite you, maybe this isn't the field for you. This is a field where we will be learning until we leave it; new ways of doing treatments, new medications, new technologies, continuing education seminars, etc. It has made me a better person and a better student. I am still at a loss as to whether I will get to move on because I have been told so many things about the forum requirements. Because of Penn Foster's low tuition cost they have many more participants than other colleges whose programs costs considerably more. Penn Foster Pride! Really, they don't. I would have never been able to get my degree had it not been for this distance learning program. With the economic down turn and me no longer being able to work on my feet anymore and becoming disabled I know I needed an updating of my job skills in order to get an office job that I could eventually earn decent pay doing and that was in demand. I have been hung up on at least 10 times and disconnected for unknown reasons at least another 10. The person I spoke with this time said that they didn't see where I had called and no order had been placed. If you read most of the negative reviews you will find that most are from people who find studying at their own pace and staying self-motivated a foreign concept. I was excited when they got rid of devil Dr. Margi and her crap staff, but sadly things have not changed for the better. :), 24 of 26 people found the following review helpful. film-based radiographs), and etc. 5. This is the way it is and always has been. They tell you that you can finish the program in 14 months but then once you have signed up and they delay your progress again and again, they say that it takes at least 3.5 years to finish the program! Oddly,Penn Foster has no delays with there billing department! -THE COMMUNITY - I'm always getting emails saying I haven't "updated my status" on the PennFoster community site. Literally they are 20 to 25 questions. Remembering my experience at Penn Foster I looked into their current line of programs and settled on an A.S. in accounting since I am good with numbers and had a lot of credits that would transfer in. Terms of Use | This is ideal for me. I don't have the time or money to go to a brick and mortar school. It's an online school, an online program, but it's not easy; it's still college. Tests, speaking specifically of the math, are written poorly and I hope you don't try to use what you learned in life, you will be embarrassed. The customer service at Penn Foster has been excellent and I have called several times about my account. High School Diploma ... Career diploma programs are typically shorter than degree programs, and you can usually complete most in a year or two, though some may be only a few weeks. To be honest, I hate studying, but I'd at least want to be more challenged then that. And often times you're given DVD's, CD's or CD-ROM's to help you better understand the concepts of the lessons. Penn foster is slightly more in depth but also is a knowledge base only. I have never had an issue with shipments or with getting an answer from student services or an instructor. -The website is easy enough to use. They just extended it to the current students, even combining it with the special offers we came in under. She is, however, no longer at Penn Foster, having suddenly resigned with no explanations given to the students. Resources | According to Penn Foster's website, nearly 80 percent of their graduates who found work in their field of study did so in three months or less. 1 of 3 people found the following review helpful. Be clear that if you are not completely self-motivated and competent in figuring things out on your own, you may want to listen to what the previous comments said. You wouldn't have to quit your job. I'm sure I'll get nothing back) and getting out ASAP. Individual studies... what's the point of participation? My only problem with the ashworth course is that it is entirely based off of a $35 gunsmithing book. 10 of 16 people found the following review helpful. The online forum and the webinars are archaic in view of other online course presentations I've used, and the webinar conductor "Citrix" is a pain in the rear to work with when their system fails. -You can take most of the exams twice - even if I passed the first time, I always retake it and try to get 100%. I love Penn Foster oh so very much. Class discussions are difficult to attend until you've logged in hours and hours of discussion forum time. Ashworth College is exactly the same. Their address is in Scranton, their home office is in Phonex, Arizona. I finished the program with penn foster two months ago. Emailed instructor to ask a question and was referred to the FAQ page. I just finished my second semester in the Penn Foster Vet Tech program. The program has changed. The typical response is 'I'm not going to restate the rules'. Buy Web Design: I Will Just and Why You Want to Join Penn Foster College for an Online Degree. Good luck getting a response from anyone in the education department. This is a fully accredit school! I am not a person that finds it particularly difficult to read and follow directions. 2 of 3 people found the following review helpful. It's the responsibility of the student, not Penn Foster, to find their own site location where they will perform their externship. The teachers are also quick to respond to any questions that you may have. I am active duty miltary, and work swing shifts, so it is very difficult to find a clinic that will work with my hours. The program director is basically a poster boy and has no real power in the program to help the students and defers to other faculty to make decisions. They provide the basic needs to get your degree and certification. She annoys me, but she will get it in the end.You can't speak negatively about penn foster on the forums or they will not put your posts up, as all posts are moderated. Penn Foster College is a private, for-profit online college with its headquarters in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Penn Foster High School. You can't do in 2 years what it took those professionals YEARS to do. I hear about Margi and how rude she was, I have never met her, but there is a new director of the program named JIm Hurrel, he is very nice and informative and he actually cares to teach. If you are a person who smiles when fed crap, doesn't ask questions, and has no ambition to ever go to a real college than PFC is for you, for the rest of you.....GO TO A REAL COLLEGE. 18 of 20 people found the following review helpful. It's all about the money not the education. I am already working in this field, and to me, for anyone working in the field seeking to get certification, there is no other choice. I've found a way to make it part of everything I do, and I'm actually motivated to do the studying, I crave the knowledge. Penn Foster Career School Penn Foster High School Student Services Center 925 Oak Street, Scranton, PA 18515 USA 1-800-275-4410 Penn Foster College Administrative Office 14300 N. Northsight Blvd., Suite 125, Scottsdale, AZ 85260 USA 1-800-471-3232 I'm also an ARMY spouse - and enrolled for free using the MyCAA. Keep in mind that these personality conflicts happen in actual RL and actual brick and mortar schools, where it is harder to just do your work and move on. The work is hard, you won't be handed your degree, you will have to earn it, which is what college is all about. Besides, who said this program will teach us everything we'll ever need to know? Also during the 2nd and 4th semester there is a practicum where you're actually in an approved vet clinic practicing everything you have learned hands on. Ever heard of student loans? On these exams you must answer in written form, with only a very few questions where you match answers. Also, I gotta say, the tests they have set up are RIDICULOUS! Grade: F, 6 of 16 people found the following review helpful, i have been reading alot of students comments on of the instructors of the vet tech program of penn foster, i have to agree bout the boss , she is very rude and does not help students like they need i agree the forums she post need to be cleaned up because its kind of common sense when you get emails for the same questions and her only reply is check the FQA , i have a made a complaint bout how she talks to students on forums, i think most of her forums are just for her to hear her self talk 9 times out 10 they have nothing to do with the program, and wow also its taken me 10 days to find out why i havent recieved my next set of books , its due to the fact the army hasnt paid them yet and i said it takes time for that your working with the military here so i had to shoot through to get my books and its been three days since i made the complaint and they r all back ordered , so next semester i see my self not returning there if this doesnt get fixed, 2 of 4 people found the following review helpful. I did not rate anything, just left it as is. I was one of the only ones who paid less for my training while most of my co-workers did a 4-6 month class training and did a M-F 8-5 kind of schedule. The skills that are required to be performed in the two practicums are AVMA required skills but the school requires pictures or videos. I have not even had to ask a question of anyone yet. Don't bother with this school. Like, stupid easy, like I can't believe they're giving degrees to the people who are just searching for the answers in their book. hours. I will never use PennFoster again and will never recommend them to anyone. I am learning quite a bit, and I already have my bachelor's degree (this is a second career). Here is my take on it. School personnel know the director is "hard to work with", but it appears the school doesn't do anything about it. This program was overall very poor and I learned absolutely nothing from it... 4 of 7 people found the following review helpful. Also, I'm enrolled in 2 programs and don't feel like the curriculum or support is worth the money. The two biggest pitfalls for students in the VT program are (1)finding a veterinary clinic that will allow you to do your "hands on" part of the program (Practicum 1 & 2) and (2)finding a clinic that still does film xrays, not digital. The only drawback I find is that you have to at least log on to the forums once a week, and get a "P" for your Participation. Because of this statistical fact you are going to get more people who complain on issues that are not really legitimate problems, for instance: If they are ripping off students as reviews indicate then a father's advice is to go elsewhere. My husband sat and listened in on her comments to students once and couldn't believe how unprofessional she acted. 4 of 4 people found the following review helpful. 21 of 22 people found the following review helpful. Although this should be self-evident, they are not going to hold your hand. 20 of 21 people found the following review helpful. Also any issues i had , I had someone to call or email and they responded quickly and resolved issue and did it with a virtual smile on their face, so . I got my electrician diploma from Ashworth in 2004. Penn Foster is an OK path to a vet tech degree if you need flexibility in the schedule and cannot afford a high cost school. I will google search some homework assignments for better understanding of what the questions mean, and I find the questions on yahoo answers from as early as 2004. 36 of 41 people found the following review helpful. I work with 4 people who have been in the veterinary field for ten or plus years, who are attending the vet tech program through Penn Foster. Differentiating between nationally accredited and regionally accredited schools can be crucial when choosing a degree program. I have never had a bad experience since enrolling. We have one of the most amazing Program Directors ever! Do not take it if you do not want to work hard. It is AVMA accredited, so you will be able to sit for the VTNE and obtain registration. If you want a school where it takes FOREVER to get a human being on the phone, then choose this school. Still photography requires the technician student to stop and pose for each step which would not happen in a clinic scenario. Next: the actual classes. Privacy | And then when you actually get someone, their phone lines are so awful that you can barely hear them! Since 1956, the national and regional accredited high school has assisted students in obtaining a degree. You can create a plan for yourself to keep you on track throughout your studies, plan your graduation date or date to complete your semester. I haven't even began to try asking why my practicum site is taking over a month to either be approved or disapproved since I can't get a response on my first dilemma. Which is subjected to review and acceptance by , 1. the clinic where you did them , and 2. by the school. | Yahoo Answers Is a Criminal Justice degree worth it? You must have your own motivation to keep going - no is going to make you study! At least this is what worked for me through second semester calculus. The online classes are improving all the time. I feel terrible for my co-workers who are some of the most highly trained veterinary professionals I have meant, who just want to continue their careers, and are getting no support by the institution supposed to be getting there. I love it because I feel I'm completely on my own school. I'm almost done with my first semester in the PennFoster RVT program, so I know I can't say too much so far. There is really no classroom interaction and very little interaction with instructors. You must wait for class times and shipments before moving ahead. They have been very helpful over the phone and via email. We also have a amazing student ambassador program (I am one of the 2015 ambassador and was a 2014 ambassador as well!) 22 of 26 people found the following review helpful. You get what you pay for. It is licensed by the Pennsylvania State Private Licensed Schools to regulate its online courses. Doesn't matter what program it is, always make sure you know Penn Foster's policies, program-related requirements, your state requirements, and any further information that applies to your career. Within these past weeks I have been emailing, calling, posting, everything and anything to try to get some sort of response. There are many frequently asked questions to read from that can resolve issues without having to contact Student CARE. I was offered a discount if I paid my account off by a certain date. The AASEET (Associate of Applied Science in Electronics Engineering Technology) is a four semester program that I'm on track to finish in 1 year, or two semesters. When I first called to order the trascript, the lady said that it was no problem and she took my money and said she was sending out. They came out with a Study Planner which is available on your student account and can be downloaded as an app on mobile devices. Just saying. When I discovered what a Vet Tech IS, I decided to do some research on schools and found Penn Foster. If you are looking for a program that is self-paced and payment plan friendly, then check out Penn Foster! -it's online, and I already do enough driving, I also study better alone at home - when I'm in class, I'm waiting for it to be over so I can go home and study. One final note, I contacted the AVMA and found out that Penn Foster fully meets their requirement for distance accreditation and that there are more expensive schools in the US that do not. I did and am so glad to have enrolled!! I can't believe with all the money we shell out, they couldn't already have a better phone system. I appreciate the fact that PF is a complete distance learning program, and just received the full AVMA accreditation. College transfers are not disclosed until you enter that particular semester. The online school I'm attending now actually has nicely set up discussion boards, where the teacher themselves are actually fostering an environment where they want their students to connect with one another. THose Practicums, will make the National Exam much easier. When I first signed up i signed up for the veterinary certificate instead of the degree program so i called and it cost me $200 to switch over. If you enroll in the program and fully dedicate to it, you will succeed. 6 of 8 people found the following review helpful, This school is not at all what I had expected. No one will respond to anything at all and this isn't the first time it has happened although it is the forst time I have sent over 10 emails within two weeks regarding the same question with not so much as a "read your student handbook" response tha I typically get. The forums need some improvement. Both the Senior Instructor of Business Studies and his boss, a Chairman, accused me of plagiarizing in Intermediate Accounting I. New instructors. You will not be able to transfer credits to a real regionally accredited college (perhaps Excelsior in Albany). I can never get a straight answer other than wait a bit longer. Any educator should know essay tests allow for excessive subjectivity and enable them to arbitrarily give lower scores to their targets. The Vet Tech program is tough, but fair. I work full time and I cannot lose any hours. After doing my research, I totally changed my mind and I am happy that I did. It is overpriced and they are always asking for more money the closer you get to graduation. Contact, Copyright © 2006-2019, Dog Obedience Trainer / Instructor diploma, Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education. For all those that had unfornate experiences with margi or other personel I am sorry, I hope you find a school that makes you feel apprecaiated or give it another shot, it really is better now from what I have seen. 59 of 62 people found the following review helpful. The answers can be found (word for word actually) easily with a Google or Yahoo Answers search, making it obvious that many students cheat their way through the school's prefabricated lesson plans (or lack thereof). For example, our bachelor’s degree in business management is eight semesters long, and the total price ranges from $8,240 to $10,560. Ive met people that have enrolled in Penn Foster but non actually ended up finishing it. Amazing on line delivery and amazing staff that really desire you to do your best! But it's not something out of this world. I have just completed my first semester in this program and would strongly recommend Penn Foster to anyone searching for a creditable online college. For me, the biggest factor was flexibility. My only caution about Penn Foster is to research your program and make sure it is what you want and need. I tried to dispute this and the school would not allow me to. For-Profit: Yes As someone mentioned before, the class participation/forum requirements are truly a nightmare. 20 of 27 people found the following review helpful. UPSIDES: There was no way I would be able to work and go to school. make sure you understand what you are getting into before you enroll for this program and remember it is alot of work and the class participation/forum requirements are a nightmare. I have been in this program for 4 months now. They will see you've been an RVT for 10 years. Good Luck, and Best Wishes in your decisions. Great feedback, great response time's. The last word on getting a job with an online degree AND...the grading is so subjective all you can do is pray that you pass. If it’s there, you are good to go, according to the IRS. When asked if they have a student advocate or some type of mediator, they apparently don't have one, from what we are told. The director of the program, Jim Hurrell, is amazing and inspiring! Due to them taking their time sending materials, not crediting me with time spent in online groups, not giving me info about my first practicum, I had to start the program all over at the end of my 3rd semester. Really as far as online vet school goes it really good, I am impressed and happy so far can't really complain. I went to the school to be a Veterinary Assistant, and will be going back for my Vet Tech. Whatever, penn foster is a scam. If you lack common sense, don't take this program (better yet-don't go to school). That's it, not rocket science. It very frustrating, because you have 225 for each section you do after semester 2 and 4. I love this school and recommend to everyone. You could pay in installments, but if you changed your mind, you end up paying $500 just to buy your way out. However, they've expanded into substandard "degrees… In the Vet Tech program, the Externship is mandatory or else you will not graduate. I guess I am lucky. The online format is convenient for a lot of people but the use of technology is confusing. I attended Penn Foster's vet tech associate's program for two semesters before leaving. 7 of 7 people found the following review helpful. At the end of each semester you must take a proctored exam, with some of the subjects closed book and other open. Yeah, I agree with the comment above. I didn't even have to ask. It's impossible to come up with even one negative comment. Chances are you will learn WAY more during your required practicums for the course than you will during the actual course, but it may be a challenge finding a vet that will take you in. Many times at brick and mortar schools this isn't included in an accounting program and you have to pay extra to take the classes separately and in today's world not knowing those three programs is not an option in the accounting field. -It's annoying waiting for the textbooks to ship, they're not overnighted - that can get old when you just finished a class and are feeling really motivated, but can't do anything until you get your book in the mail. She is a RN for a large hospital in northern VA. No doubt she gets 1,000 emails a day asking the same things, but rather than attempt a real solution, she goes on little tirades in her posts and tells you to read the FAQs.If you can't find an answer, you might want to look again and again or ask a fellow student. They wouldn't even provide the reference. On the primary Penn Foster website where you view all the programs to enroll in, you can read an overview of your program of interest. They know it. The hospitals are usually too busy The internship is Pass or Fail. Since I have previously earned a diploma from Penn Foster in Dog Obedience and instruction and found them adequate and affordable, I am going to go through the Veterinary Technician program as well. If you want a real college degree go elsewhere. The main instructor is very rude and extremely non-helpful... this program is run just as SHE likes it... She makes rules at her own pace - a friend of mine had a login name with VT in it because she was from Vermont and because the instructor didn't like her to write VT in her name, she made her change it - and blocked her account until she did! You have a total of 6 years to complete your studies. I have been trying for 2 months to find a clinic that will sign my agreement form to perform Practiums. Their only concern is making money, save yourself the aggravation. I have to say I really love this school. So I found Penn Foster. It is convenient for my schedule being a stay at home mom. and CHEA. They kind of leave you on your own-to fend for yourselt. 22 of 33 people found the following review helpful. But in this day and age, everyone should be trying to work their hardest. If you are already in the program, start looking now for clinics to work in. The staff is amazing and always extremely helpful! There is a reason they have 10,000 students register but only an 8% retention rate. I'll generally read a chapter and make crap tons of flash cards on Quizlet, then I'll watch the lecture videos while I cook or take a bath, then instead of falling asleep playing solitaire, I fall asleep studying my Quizlet App on my iPhone. You can find … I am just about done with my first semester and it is much, much cheaper than the alternatives and I have few complaints so far, perhaps because I paid all at once. This program allows me to do it. Penn Foster Career School, is it worth the time and money? If you are a self-sufficient learner, this is a perfect program for you. Compare Penn Foster and Ashworth College pros and cons using consumer ratings with latest reviews. They do offer online programs, so if you aren't a self-starter, or able to motivate yourself to keep going, it's probably not for you. Tuition they said was $1500 for the entire curriculum. I highly recommend requesting info by mail; I love looking through the brochure and forms. The textbooks are great and updated as often as at any college in the country. Interestingly enough Penn Foster is not the highest school on their complaint roster, hmmmm. 13 of 17 people found the following review helpful, I am a seccond year or third semestor student. Basic instruction in math, like teaching you, a fraction is the same as a ratio. Furthermore, while is was not in the distant past, the Veterinary Technician program is now one of the only few online program accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) - they are fully accredited and was initially accredited in 2006. This is my third program with Penn Foster, and I am in the Vet Tech Program now. A newer edition of the first book on the topic that I ever purchased. Currently I am pursuing to complete my Bachelors degree. About | Throughout the span of 4 hours, in the morning I might add, I called about once or twice per hour. Matny of them have tried to resolve issues, but are shut out by program directors. This school is amazing! Everyone learns differently, and obviously distance learning wasn't working for them. Not only was it amazingly affordable but I knew it was nationally accredited which was another major plus when you are a Vet Tech Student. Accreditation: DETC. I also stated I was very confused on how to submit the paper work. They obviously do not comprehend the definition of plagiarism. ... Now I have my bachelors degree. Improved community (they will be changing it again fall 2012). I recommend to spend your money elsewhere. Absolutely. Penn Foster is one of those schools that tries to put a good front and has a one room call center that is there with a server to host a online college. I want to take the small engine repair course offered by them, but at this time I don't work for health reason. I certainly would not take the VT course with this school. I am still in the accounting field doing payroll now for a government contractor in the DC area. That said, you can check out this link to the US Department of Education Database of Accredited Schools to see if your school is listed there. The teachers have always answered my email questions within 24 hours and have always been helpful. And these supposed teachers that are at the online Penn foster school don't know jack. This school is EXTREMLY outdated. I graduated from Penn Foster High School and went on to earn an Associate's Degree at a Catholic Liberal Arts College back in the mid-1990's. Penn Foster is what you make of it. It will not be easy; you will have to study and research. These are only my opinions, developed while observing and helping a friend through the courses. Received an accounting certificate in 2001. 8 of 11 people found the following review helpful. I can learn more from the books they sent me than I can with the exams. No frills. It did not take me long to realize that the education I received during this course did not come close to preparing me to work an actual vet tech job. Please note that if you are NOT a self-motivated person and need someone looking over everything you do you will not enjoy this program or what you are learning! Do your research before signing up for this school. It is a good book but besides that if you are paying out of pocket for the course it is not worth it. Enough said. 8 of 23 people found the following review helpful. Worst of all, the Program Director writes snide comments in the forum routinely, because she is obviously overwhelmed with the mess she has created - having way too many enrollees (which I'm sure bloats her ego) but then not being able to service them in a professional manner. Most questions can be answered there. You will need to visit the veterinary websites suggested by instructors. I have also met some of the most amazing students who have become amazing friends from everywhere in the US and overseas! Keep in mind I've been told at many Vet practices they do not hire or teach (internships) to Penn Foster students because of how terrible the program is. Stay away from this school they are horrible people! A ratio of 1:3 is not 1/3 as they claim, it is 1 of 4 or ¼ (there are 4 units, the 1 + 3 = 4 so 1:3 ratio would be 1/4 as fraction). 10 of 16 people found the following review helpful. I believe that this college is doing great things to try and make it so anyone can have a shot at getting a college degree. Penn Foster rules! You haven't attempted your proctored exams yet! I am now trying to get the transcript from Penn Foster as I have enrolled in a REAL school with REAL teachers and I haven't gotten it yet. 15 of 15 people found the following review helpful. Putting it bluntly the Dr.'s may feel that they dont have time for such nonsense, but the programs wants a vet tech to train you in clinicals. She told me 'I expect a more professional tone from you in the future' and then said that if I continued to email her she would report me to the student affairs and have me expelled. Nationally accredited schools may be somewhat less expensive than their regionally accredited counterparts. Penn foster has truly been a life saver for me, I" didn't finish high school and Penn Foster help me find myself and to know my place in life, Penn Foster made me feel good about myself again. I am currently waiting to recieve my proctored exams that should take up to no more than two weeks to be sent to your proctor and it has now been almost a month. This Program is nationally accredited by the AVMA and we have an amazing pass rate for the VTNE (veterinary technician national exam) I am about to finish my Bachelor Degree at Penn Foster College which is Accredited by "Distance and Education Training Council" also knowns as DETC. Grealty disappointed when I found out that federal aid was not accepted. materials are very decent, just have to read them multiple times to get the full idea and point of view of the authors. While their VTNE pass rates are good, the only reason for this is the ones who actually finish the program are likely to take the VTNE seriously and pass it. Just suck it up and get it over with. Penn Foster is overall a 10 out of 10 school. They take weeks to ship your materials and you have to watch Webinars which no one shows you how or what to do. It is a very difficult course, but Penn Foster does provide what you need to get there. I have been wanting to write about pennfoster's online vet program since I left! You have to attend lectures (often taught by Veterinary Technician Specialists! The ambassador program has given me even more reasons to be proud of my school. I finally had someone own up to it being the school's problem because she said, yeah we are working on FINALLY getting new phone lines. I can slow down on class work during an especially busy work week, and pick the pace back up when work is more under control. You got to agree paying $600 through online (Penn Foster) is better than $8,000+ too. I am aware this is an online institution....however...they do not even provide you with a list of participating organizations in which to obtain internships with. 35 of 37 people found the following review helpful. New Head Director. Penn Foster is always in the works of creating something new for their students. I would recommend it to anyone! That was about it, though. I'm at the end of semester 3 and I'm going to finish. I earned my bachelor of science degree in criminal justice from Penn Foster College in May of 2017. They fulfill a certain niche in our society for military, working adults, etc... and are poorly served by recent high school graduates who expect to have their hands held and or those who cannot honestly engage in self-guided and motivated study. We need more like that. I was hesitant to pursue another online degree, but really wanted to take an accredited Veterinary Technology program in order to become licensed as a technician. It is difficult and you have to work hard!I went to pierce collage and was 6 credits shy of my dagree. Penn Foster holds both national & regional accreditation that has been recognized and accepted by many colleges: Colleges set a … Well my schedule was laid back, i paid less and i got the same job and training as my co-workers. Still though it would be nice if the instructors had late evening and Sat. At least more communication. accredited program. I am in my first semester of the Vet Tech program. I don't know really anything about Penn Foster but I'm wary of any online programs if only because a lot of the benefit you get from school is being able to do hands-on stuff in a controlled environment. Amanda, 22 of 25 people found the following review helpful, I love Penn Foster School and would recommend it to anyone! The rest is up to you. I started doing the accounting associates degree with them and stopped because I'm just a student and know more than they do about accounting. I work 12 hours shifts, I am trying to go to school, she had no sympathy for my issue at all. That's annoying that they want you to be..."social"... which is not my thing. It may not be as cheap as the other site listed but I know that penn foster is accredited by the ASHP: american society of health system pharmacy which in some states that means you can already apply for your license without getting certified. All I am saying is if you are able to go to a different school, do it. When I first enrolled I really enjoyed the program but shortly after I realized how hard it was to keep up.

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