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pediatric nurse practitioner resume objective

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner I Resume. Phone | Email A summary outlines the most impressive parts of your resume for easy recall by your potential employer, while also serving to fill in personal qualities that may not appear elsewhere on … Preparing a Resume for the Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Position. You can check out the Pediatric Nurse Practitioner resume example for more information! When it comes to what sections you need to include on your resume, you will know best! The job seeker emphasizes skills in emergency, intensive care, critical ca End the suspense by starting out your Nurse Practitioner resume objective by disclosing your status as … Conducted physicals, vital signs, immunizations, and other assessments as needed. The above job description example can also be used in writing a resume for the pediatric nurse practitioner job, especially the professional experience part of the resume. To provide patients with comfortable and stress-free care Areas of Excellence. Now that you’ve seen an example of a job winning Pediatric Nurse Practitioner resume, here are some tips to help you write your own. Summary for a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Resume The resume summary replaces the out-of-date resume objective. Used Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Highly skilled career professional with 13 years practical experience including 4 years in a Level II pediatric trauma center, 2 years as a pediatric hospitalist and most recently 7 years in primary care. It concisely outlines the direction you would like your career to take and demonstrates to an employer what benefit you can bring them. Nurse Practitioner Job Job Description: Observing and diagnosing health condition of patients. Their responsibilities include: performing immunization, treating typical childhood illnesses, offering counseling services to families, observing child development and caring for patients with chronic illnesses. Salary can vary based on factors such as location, company, and industry. If you need more help, you can always refer to the following resume sample for a position. Summary : To practice evidenced based health care, as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, with a strong focus on child development. The truth is that most hiring managers prefer a traditional resume format. Skills : Computer And Medical Information Systems, Research Data Analysis. Provides intensive primary care to the underserved families of the border town, Douglas, AZ, and surrounding communities to help reduce health disparities. Used accurate history and physical assessments as dictated provided effective communication with patients and families provided effective communication with members of the multidisciplinary team. I am also fluent in written and spoken Spanish. Highly skilled and compassionate Pediatric Nurse with 10 years career experience possesses RN and CPN designations. Affirm their expectations by including the area of specialty, practice type, and patient population details from the description of the job you’re applying for. Skills : Board Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Board Certified International Lactation Consultant, Full Prescriptive Authority - Colorado/Michigan, DEA License. Ordered and interpreted pulmonary function tests, allergy tests, and sleep studies. Using an advanced understanding of medical conditions, you help families build healthy habits that support future health. How to write Experience Section in Nurse Resume, How to present Skills Section in Nurse Resume, How to write Education Section in Nurse Resume. Provided comprehensive care to children with asthma, sleep apnea and other respiratory conditions including sickle cell anemia, laryngomalacia, BPD, pneumonia and TB. OBJECTIVES: 1) Gather a focused history, perform physical examinations and develop a rudimentary problem list (including differential diagnoses for the chief complaint) for stable patients. Actived participant with lactation committee and immunizations committee. Responsible for examining study patients in their homes, obtaining informed consent, determining eligibility and performing clinical assessments. Performed complete physical exams and assessments of patients including urgent and non-urgent presentation. Creative resume templates, like the one pictured here, can actually hurt your chances of landing an interview. Headline : Dedicated Pediatric Nurse Practitioner with over 10 years of nursing experience. In addition to having one of our expers write your reume, we scan it with the same ATS technology to ensure your resume gets through. 1) Supervise student in the clinical setting. Makes judgments relative to diagnosis and therapeutic management independently, utilizing physician consultation where appropriate. These Nurse Practitioners diagnose illness, conduct examinations and prescribe medicines. Performed procedures and prescribe pediatric treatment and medications based on assessment results and standards of care within the scope of practice of a pediatric nurse practitioner as defined by the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners. Delivered quality health assessment and treatment for patients of the pediatric practice. Specifically, your certification. Served as a preceptor for the University of Washington and Pacific Lutheran University nurse practitioner students. Requirements – Qualities – Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities for Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Job Writing a great Nurse Practitioner resume is an important step in your job search journey. Skills : Nurse Technician, Nurse Assistant. Having advanced training in pediatrics and child care, pediatric nurses work cooperatively with physicians and other health care specialists to ensure the wellbeing of their patients. If you're conducting a job search for nurse practitioner positions, that's great news for you because it means 53,400 new jobs! Ensures proper patient follow-up for chronic illnesses and injuries. Prescribed, prepared and administered both sublingual and subcutaneous immunotherapy, and monitored for adverse effects. Medical Knowledge Other sections for you to consider including are foreign language skills, awards and honors, certifications, and speaking engagements. Educated parents on flu symptoms, illness prevention, the benefits of good hygiene, and smoking cessation programs. Tailor your resume by picking relevant responsibilities from the examples below and then add your accomplishments. Pediatric Nurse Practitioners are Registered Nurses who work with patients mainly from infancy to young adulthood. The first thing hospitals, clinics and healthcare facilities will look for is your qualification. Please leave a comment with your question or visit Zipjob on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn to ask. Provided appropriate follow-up with patient/family, private physician and/or other resources and made appropriate referrals. Monitored the study patient during the study for changes and manages the patient according to evidenced based management standards. Finally, be sure to include top skills throughout your resume. The resume summary replaces the out-of-date resume objective. Background in pediatric intensive care, child protection, foster care, primary care, medical intensive care, cardiac care, and step-down. Performed procedures including laceration repair, and provide referrals to medical specialists as needed. Objective. If there's one fact about the healthcare industry, it's that it depends on nurses. Ordered the appropriate x-rays and lab work. The overall goals for the third year Pediatric Clerkship are to educate future physicians to provide competent, effective and compassionate care of patients by developing clinical reasoning, communication and life-long learning skills. Coordinated with hospital staff study procedures such as study drug administration, lab sampling, physical examination and vital sign documentation. Provided primary care including well-child checks, sports physicals and sick visits to underprivileged children in a school-based health clinic. Pediatric Nurse Resume Objective Pediatric Nurses focus on nursing care for children and babies. LinkedIn URL. Facilitated timely check-in by greeting visitors and establishing the purpose of their visit. Patient rights advocate with excellent communication and critical thinking skills. Let it show the recruiter you’ve got what it takes to succeed in the role. The resume builder can help you create a customized CV similar to the nurse practitioner CV sample. Nurse practitioner resume objective concentrates on your skills and aims to show the recruiter you're a perfect fit for the position. Objective and Summary of Qualifications Seeking acceptance into a Nurse Practitioner Program with goal of providing rural community service utilizing my extensive primary care background. Examined, diagnosed and treated diseases and injuries of newborns, infants, children and adolescents from birth to 21 years. A typical Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Resume mentions these duties – providing extensive care to infants, children and adolescents, ordering and interpreting medical tests that are considered necessary, prescribing medications, diagnosing and treating chronic disease in kids and performing routine developmental screenings. You should always begin with a summary section. Provideed in a busy pediatric practice serving multiple locations in the Corpus area Responsible for management of well-child visits, sick visits, ADHD evaluation and management, allergy testing Natural ability to build rapport with patients and families ensuring the best quality patient care. Awarded the Naval Medical Center Portsmouth Certificate of Excellence for Outstanding Customer Service. Having strong objectives on your resume shows prospective employers how your skills contribute to the team. Independently manages the care of acute and chronic pediatric patients from birth to 18 years of age. Check out our detailed salary information for Pediatric Nurse Practitioners to learn more. What is a resume objective? If you ask me, a resume objective statement isn’t necessary for nurse practitioners. Testified in juvenile and/or criminal court proceedings when needed. Instead, you should use a basic resume format that quickly communicates your basic information and qualifications–like the one included below. Communicated with primary care providers as well as hospital staff, school nurses and other members of the healthcare team regarding the patient's condition and treatment plan. Examined patients and dispensed contraceptives and other medications as needed. Complied with HIPAA standards in all patient documentation and interactions. Prescribed and administered the study medication and following lab results. Introduced, negotiated, and implemented new projects to expand the scope of the engagement. Your personal goals and aspirations would go a long way to clarify what type of placement you are looking for in the nursing profession. Other common sections are Work Experience, Education, and either Skills or Core Competencies. It will take you through the process of crafting your professional summary and skills section, showcasing your most impressive qualifications for … We wish you the best of luck for your job hunt, and don’t forget to check out our Cover Letter Tips! Works adeptly in team environments and displays strong leadership and mentoring abilities. Participated in facility surveys and inspections made by authorized governmental agencies. This is a myth put out by resume builders that value design over content. Involved in UTI, Para-influenza, Hospital Acquired Pneumonia, Oncological anti-fungal studies requiring coordination of care, chart monitoring, and biological sample obtainment and shipment. Skills : Nurse Technician, Nurse Associate. Make sure to visit our Nurse Practitioner Career Center and browse our Nurse Practitioner Jobs. An impressive resume objective should describe your overall career goals and the type of position you’re seeking. You may also want to include a headline or summary statement that clearly communicates your goals and qualifications. Pediatric Nurses care for sick and ailing babies, toddlers, and children in healthcare facilities and in their homes. Communicated with the patient's family in order to monitor the patient's overall status and to assess adverse events. An ATS (Applicant Tracking System) is an automated resume scanner used by over 90% of employers which reject over 76% of resumes submitted on average. Nurse Practitioner Resume Objective. Prescribed or administerd treatment, medication, and other specialized medical care to treat and prevent illness and injury. Remember that summaries are short and consist of pithy sentence fragments! Collaborated with law enforcement, child protective services, CACs, the legal system, and other agencies as necessary to assist in the coordination of child abuse or physical abuse investigations. The education section clearly shows the type of degree, year of completion, and name/location of school. Adding a number (30 patients) and describing the clinic (busy) both help to illustrate your impact at this position. Supervised and managed the daily activities of a clinical team consisting of |number| physicians, nurses, and support staff. Effective counseling in health maintenance and disease management. Complete School Name, City, St/Country: List Graduation Years If Within the Last Ten Years Worked with residents and medical students and help educate them on autoimmune disorders. When you are ready to send your resume to employers, it's important to be aware of the current market conditions for Pediatric Nurse Practitioners. Obtained a thorough health history and performed complete or focused physical examinations, and recorded findings in the EMR. Provided anticipatory guidance regarding common child health concerns. Provided regular follow-up care for children with asthma, as well as acute care for asthma exacerbations. Provided special care for children with Type 1 diabetes. Professional Resume Services Routinely evaluated newborns, well-baby, preschool and adolescent exams, and associated developmental screenings. Pediatric Registered Nurse provides health, nursing, and medical care to kids and young adults. This is a good resource for anyone seeking a nursing position.The resume opens with a qualifications paragraph that outlines 20 years of experience in nursing. Created reference guides for nurse practitioner students which contained professional literature relevant to all aspects of pediatric primary care. Nurses and nurse practitioners are vital members of the medical system, and career data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics proves it. Superb interpersonal and leadership skills. Pediatric Nurse Practitioner for the Infectious Diseases epidemiology researched group involving pharmaceutical studies in the inpatient and outpatient setting. Diagnosed and treated common childhood illnesses. Responds to immediate patient emergencies and direct transport to appropriate receiving hospital. Tasks shown on example resumes of Pediatric Nurses include monitoring patients for changes in status or indications of worsening conditions, and modifying patient treatment plans as indicated by patients' responses and conditions. How confident are you feeling about your resume? Continued to help the growth of the practice by developing a safe, confident and caring rapport with pediatric patients and their parent/guardians. Nurse resume example for Certified Family Nurse Practitioner. Participated in research and incorporated its findings into practice. It’s actually very simple. It should also explain … More than 15 years in nursing and healthcare. Selected, ordered, performed and interpreted tests, analysed, and diagnised images to provide information on patient condition and augment physical findings. Summary : A career as an advanced practice nurse practitioner which utilizes education, training and expertise to teach health principles and facts, and to provide holistic care for patients in the advance practice role. Guide the recruiter to the conclusion that you are the best candidate for the primary care nurse practitioner job. A summary outlines the most impressive parts of your resume for easy recall by your potential employer, while also serving to fill in personal qualities that may not appear elsewhere on the page. Applicant possesses strong leadership skills and a substantial pediatric nursing background providing age-appropriate evidence-based care to children. Provided primary care for children from birth to age 16; to include well-child visits, acute minor illness visits, telephone consultation with parents regarding health questions and concerns, and lactation consultation. Compassionately caring for the well-being of children and their families, you facilitate access to preventative care and develop treatments for acute and chronic illnesses through analysis of patient history and current symptoms. Make your soft skills stand out by describing them in the context of your work history. Documented all conditions, procedures, and lab results via records system – list it here. Skills on Pediatric Nurse Practitioner resume can be highlighted in different ways. Objective : Highly skilled career professional with 18 years nursing experience, 16 of which are in pediatrics with three years' experience as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Experienced in patient care and support including assessment, prescribing appropriate medications, treatments, and test result interpretation Proficient with computers and EMR. If giving a shot to a three-year-old sounds easier, than take a look at our pediatric nurse resume templates for a shot of creativity. Compassionate Pediatric Nurse Practitioner showcasing 10+ years providing optimal patient within the healthcare sector working in busy pediatric clinics, hospitals, and facilities. Evaluated and managed asthmatic with the evaluation of spirometry. These phrases sound nice but don’t demonstrate your expertise. Reviewed upcoming clinic patients with attending physicians and other members of the multidisciplinary team. Headline : Pediatric Nurse Practitioner to provide pediatric health services, utilize leadership and communication skills to provide high quality, evidenced based, pediatric focused health promotion and maintenance. Referred to community resources and other medical professionals as needed. Examined pediatric patients within a busy clinic, seeing more than 30 patients daily. Summary : Pediatric Nurse Practitioner in Primary Care Setting Ambitious nurse practitioner with 5 years of experience in Pediatric Neurology following 4 years of pediatric intensive care nursing. Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Resume Objectives • Highly accomplished Pediatric Nurse Practitioner looking for a position at Lake City Medical resume for pediatric nurse practitioner • Top-performing Pediatric Nurse Practitioner with over 9 years of experience looking • Compassionate, resourceful nursing professional seeking a. Taught continuing education courses for registered nurses. Notated findings and treatments course in patient chart including follow-up notes. To utilize 8+ years of professional experience and training to maintain continuity of care, health promotion, and disease prevention as it pertains to developmental and behavioral diagnoses. Established in emergent and acutely ill patient support including full history and physical assessment, counseling, education regarding medications and treatment, diagnostic findings, documentation with plan of care for diagnosis, monitoring of medication administration and treatment procedures. Patient care executed with professionalism and sound clinical judgment. Delivered an array of health services, which included health screenings and immunizations. Summary Nurse Practitioner focused on providing quality care and maintaining direct lines of communication with patients and the entire health-care team. It’s critical to make the most of your Work Experience section. Provides primary health care to infants, children, and adolescents. 98 percent of clients report an increase in interviews within 30 days, and all work comes backed by a 110 percent Satisfaction or Money Back Guarantee (in writing). Managed clinical oversight effectively for 44-bed unit hospital, evaluating, examining, and interviewing patients to prioritize treatments and maintain patient flow. Facilitated routine and acute care for pediatric patients, conducting physicals, administering immunizations, and delivering an array of health services to promote continued health. City, State or Country if international Counseled patients regarding healthy lifestyles. Skills : CPCP-PC, TNCC, ENPC, ACLS, PALS, PALS Instructor, BLS,. Directs supervision of 3-5 paraprofessionals per shift. Pediatric Intended Learning Objectives. Skills : Staff Certified Pediatric Nurse. About the Author: Anish Majumdar, CPRW is a Career Expert and Owner at . They may work in a doctor’s office alongside a pediatrician or in a hospital or health care organization. If possible, use tangible results or favorable outcomes to show how you effectively worked with people in the past. Resumes typically contain the following data blocks that support your job objective. Land 2x More Interviews…Guaranteed! Prescribed appropriate medications and monitored patient's response to medications, and adjusted treatment plan accordingly. Skills : BLS, PALS, IV Certification, RN, New York State #635923, PNP, New York State #F382358-1. Complete Degree Name (Candidate) – Major (GPA: List if over 3.3). A resume objective is a short, targeted statement that appears at the top of your resume. Many job seekers think that an eye-catching resume template will help them stand out to hiring managers and increase their chances of landing an interview. Took on-call responsibilities as part of the Child Protection Team. When writing your resume, be sure to reference the job description and highlight any skills, awards and certifications that match with the requirements. Managed various general office duties such as answering multiple telephone lines, completing insurance forms and mailing monthly invoice statements to patients. Performed dictations of patients seen in the clinic. Pediatric nurse practitioner aspirants can become nationally certified through the American Nurses Credentialing Center or by the Pediatric Nursing Certification Board. Summary : Dedicated RN and Nurse Practitioner with 30 years of safe and compassionate patient care Experienced in providing acute care nursing as well as ambulatory primary care. Ongoing developed of School Based Heath Care Initiative through the use of Telemedicine connections with partnered area schools. Over 18 years Registered Nursing experience including: Providing full-range … Motivated, enthusiastic, and sensitive to patient and family needs. Before seeking certification, candidates should consult with their respective state's Nursing Board to see which certifications their state's Board recognizes and accepts. Our experts recommend you start your resume with a resume summary, like the one above. If you are interested in making an impact on the lives of children from birth to young adulthood through the application of scientific knowledge, a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner position may be for you. Remember to use basic formatting with clear section headings and a traditional layout. Resume objectives are best for an entry-level nurse practitioner resume or new graduate nurse practitioner resume. Resume Samples » Resume Objective » Nursing Resume Objective » Nurse Practitioner Resume Objective Nurse practitioner is responsible to handle the patients in health care center as well as provide support to surgeons during operation. Between now and 2024, nurse practitioner jobs are expected to grow at a rate of 31 percent much faster than the average growth rate for all careers. The majority of pediatric nurse practitioner resumes are organized in the following order: Contact information; Job objective; Education Directed a large allergy testing and treatment program, training and supervising staff in performing percutaneous as well as intradermal testing. Utilized computer system for ordering patient medications and procedures, documenting telephone consults, and communication with staff throughout the hospital and clinics. If you want the employer’s focus to be on your work-related skills, the way you write a skills statement will be different than when you want him or her to concentrate on your personal abilities. Copyright © | All Rights Reserved, How To Write Your Resume’s Work Experience Section, How To Write Your Resume’s Education Section, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Resume Sample, Tips on how to write the perfect Pediatric Nurse Practitioner resume. The job characteristics that are typically expected by employers from their potential Pediatric Nurse Practitioners are – being multifaceted, patient-facing skills, independent nature, and a structured way of handling patients; apart from the above-mentioned skills, Pediatric Nurse Practitioners are expected to have a good knowledge of promoting health and preventing disease and be able to conduct age-appropriate tests and examinations. Identified and managed specific pediatric illnesses. Giving hugs and lollipops are perks to being a pediatric nurse, but before you can put on the Snoopy band-aid and help new moms learn how to rock diaper changes, you need to write an attention-getting resume. Avoid vague terms like “committed to excellent patient care,” or “a well-rounded team player.”. Performed history and physical examinations for children affected by various orthopedic issues, such as cerebral palsy, spina bifida, and clubfoot in an outpatient clinic setting. Skills : Pediatric Neurology, Registered Nurse, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Lumbar Puncture, Headache Management. Flexible, quick learner who adapts easily to new situations. Consistently provides high-quality care to pediatric patients while performing immunizations, physicals, vital signs, IVs, wound care, etc. It all depends on what you want to say. Objective : Highly skilled career professional with 18 years nursing experience, 16 of which are in pediatrics with three years' experience as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Experienced in patient care and support including assessment, prescribing appropriate medications, treatments, and test result interpretation Proficient with computers and EMR. A dedicated ICU nurse with 7+ years of work experience in the critical care unit seeks to join Valley Hospital as a Pediatric ICU nurse. Here are some guides from our blog to help you write these sections: Some resume will include other sections, such as Volunteer Experience or Technical Skills. Facilitated medical monitoring of subjects by reporting adverse events and serious adverse events to the study staff. Proven ability to collaborate with colleagues to foster a friendly and caring environment. The pediatric nurse practitioner resume sample also illuminates a variety of duties to show the breadth of experience such as patient care, coordination with other healthcare professionals, and administrative tasks. Committed to providing all patients with outstanding care and support to optimize visit/health outcomes. It’s a kind of short version of the entire document. Demonstrated capability of consulting with parents, ensuring that they are receiving the attention and guidance needed during highly stressful situations. Objective : An experienced pediatric nurse with a passion for caring patient and their families seeking a position as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner in a family centered hospital environment with opportunity for continual professional growth. Headline : Seeking a pediatric nurse practitioner position while utilizing healthcare skills in a dynamic and interactive environment toward growth and professional advancement. So, if you don’t want to include an objective statement on your CV, that’s OK. Stop reading this blog post and peruse last week’s article about job search networking success instead (or …

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